P2P Energy Trading App Matrix

Towards a CO2 Free Society

Matrix the Native App of Capella Ecosystem integrates the use of Blockchain technology to enable P2P Energy trading. To record micro transactions for energy trading, Blockchain-enabled P2P (distributed) energy trading is the best solution and this makes the entire process cheaper and easier to make micro transactions in large volumes. The whole model is going to incentivize prosumers to produce their own renewable energy and help them to trade their surplus energy in a decentralized market. This will reduce pressure on the energy Eco system and also help the already stressed Grids. This will also reduce our dependence on Fossil fuels and for daily electricity.

Capella Ecosystem

P2P Energy Hub Data Creating User Profiles

Matrix Platform will use Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to make P2P Trading smarter and faster. We endeavor to make all homes smart homes using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. We will connect key home appliances to map the exact amount of energy consumed by the appliance and thus plan for optimum energy usage and thus will also enable maximum energy storage and trading of surplus energy in the Matrix Platform. Matrix P2P Energy can build up a build a data driven profile for each home, based on its behavior patterns and energy usage.

Capella Ecosystem will Optimize Energy Trading and Save Energy

Capella Ecosystem will optimize energy usage across various fronts. Based on our Big data analytics our platform will be able to give indication of the exact amount of renewable energy that will be generated as per weather patterns and other factors. This would optimize the supply and demand patterns based on real time data spooling from various sources and using the User data from our registered members. The platform will also use AI to give intelligence inputs in pricing and bidding and offer them the best price. So you get green energy from your neighbour for cheaper than you could from the grid. This way both sides win!

Internet of Energy by Capella Energy
The IOE device and Platform is being built at a Prototype level. The Matrix IOE would enable consumers measure the exact amount of electricity they are using. The Prototype is now being designed for Retail customers and the later versions would be built for Commercial applications like Grids and DSOs.

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