Capella Power Traders

We are proud to present the MVP- The native App Matrix of the Capella Ecosystem. During the past months we have done tests of actual trades between a closed community of prosumers and consumers and the results were really promising. The MVP was successful in registering the trades, showing individual trades and details of the trades. The consumers were excited to source clean and green energy and paying a lower price than paying for fossil fuels and the prosumers were excited to sell their excess energy and thus save energy.

The Prosumers were able to generate 1227.25 KwH of solar energy. The Prosumers traded 627.67 KwH of energy and our consumers successfully traded and purchased the energy.

Prosumers electricity generation saved CO2 emissions – CO2 saved- 431.36 kg

CO2 Emissions saved from community trades – 220 kg